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His passion for singing has been purely expressive of romanticism of life, a venture that has created a parallel path along with his professional inclination. Evant Surana has a Bass (Kharaj) voice which is uniquely different. He has chosen this Genre of Music because he believes that the poetry used in Ghazals actually portray the True essence of Life in a lot of ways. Especially, Poetry chosen by Jagjit Singhji in his Ghazals are Best of the Lot keeping in Mind its Simplicity, still very rich in its content.

Music Concerts and Performance

Evant Surana has performed across the Country and has done more than 300 Solo Ghazal Concerts. Though Evant admires Jagjit Singhji the most, he also Sings Ghazals sung by the Other Ghazal Maestros & his own compositions.

New Compositions

Its Virtually an impossible task to fill the gap which the Late Jagjit Singhji has created now and in the times to come. As a part of Paying Homage and A Tribute to the exquisite and the inimitable style of Jagjit Singhji’s Compositions & his style of Singing Ghazals, Evant has released his 1st ghazals album "Tanha", which is released by 

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